Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve never done this before – photography is very important to me but I just don’t know where to start?

A: There is a difficult process of elimination when it comes to choosing a photographer. There are a lot of photographers to choose from, but I suggest doing your preliminary search over the internet. Choose from websites that appeal to you and look through galleries of images. Don’t limit your viewing to the wedding sections – look at all of their work. Find a photographer who shoots in a style you enjoy. When you find a photographer you like, contact the studio to find out if your date is available. If your date is still open, find a time to chat with the photographer either in person or over the phone. Look at examples of their work in person and talk to them about what you expect from your photographer. It’s very important to find a photographer that you feel comfortable around, as this translates through into the images you capture.

Ask about the photographer’s background – if they studied photography in school, if they’ve been published, what kind of awards they’ve won. This will tell you a lot about the photographer’s love for their craft. You want someone who is excited to be a part of your wedding – it makes a BIG difference!

Q: What makes your style of shooting so different?

A: One of the major distinctions in my style of work is my ability to merge the worlds of documentary art and traditional portraiture. I constantly search for new creative shots and intimate moments that the average onlooker would miss. This style of shooting creates a collection of images that weave together to tell the complete story. I also offer traditional portrait sessions that take place throughout light friendly conversation. I pride myself on offering a very personal style of photography – where I can call everyone by name and enjoy laughing with the family throughout your photo session. This keeps your photographs relaxed, and natural moments are captured through the lens. (I ask clients to provide me with a “Who’s Who” list prior to the event.)

Q: Do you shoot in color, black and white, or both?

A: While I enjoy shooting in both color and black and white, different lighting and scene situations can require me to work in a particular medium. I provide the majority of shots in color but certain scenes may be best in black and white. When I create albums, I may change images to black and white or sepia to complete an overall design.

Q: Will you be the photographer at my event?

A: YES, YES, YES!!! I run a small business focused on personal attention. All of the work on this website is my personal work, down to the site creation and design. I personally compile all of my albums as well – so I undeniably offer you something truly unique, personal and artistic.

Q: How many weddings will you shoot on my wedding weekend?

A: I do not shoot more than one wedding per day. I also limit myself to 25 weddings a year. This way I offer my brides a very personal service and am available to chat whenever they have a concern.

Contact the studio with any other question or concerns you may have. We are happy to help you in any way we can!